zaterdag 31 mei 2014

'Arty day in Berlin' - Day 3 - 31 May 2014

Biking Berlin: Alexander Platz

Square with the Berliner Dom and the French Dom

After some searching we found the Gemaelde Galerie in a rather dull building; the Kultur Forum. Hardly anybody there, strange coz the collection is worthwhile exploring. No queues whatsoever, sooo different from the ones we saw at the Museum Inseln.

Showing some of the awesome paintings we saw; mainly Dutch & Italian.
details from the Cranache the Old painting, that shows many medieval sayings.


In the evening we went for dinner at the Italian wine bar/restaurant 'Muret la Barba', where we made a reservation last Thursday' coz we loved the wine and place. We hoped the food was likewise i.e. really Italian, however ... it was not; i.e bruschetta with baked onions and tomatoes mmm that's not really Italian now is it, nor is bresaola with some sort of ordinary cheese (definitely NOT real Parmesan cheese!). Our next courses were better. Overall a rather disappointing experience. 

The wine was excellent though ^^

dikke kus

Berlin, day 2 (30 May)

cycling Berlin: Museum Insel

art at Museum Insel

view on the Fernsehturm from Museum Insel

The Brandenburger Tor

Parts of the 'Wall' at Potsdamer Platz
The roof of the Sony building at Potsdamer Platz (couldn't resist making a photo, although I have many which I took years ago)

pittstop at Potsdamer Platz

In the building next door to the Dali exhibition was the Cultural Center of (South) Korea. Inspiring....  maybe our next trip?

6th floor of KDW; YEAH oysters and salmon with champagne

Cycling home through the Zoo Garden
Stop at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof

cycling along the Spree and passing the Reichstag Berlin buildings

Berlin, day 1 (29 May)

Berlin revisited: Thursday 29 May. This time we stay in Mitte at Gorki appartments: a very modern refurbished former DDR building. Berlin Mitte is THE place to be nowadays. After arrival we explored our neighbourhood.

Staying in the Hedwig U. appartment at Gorki appts

this dancing place felt very Eastern Berlin like

the outside of the building, quiet coz too cold to sit outside


arty Berlin Mitte 

Hackesche Hofe revisited

the Apelmann shop in the Hackesche Hofe

Restaurant and wine bar Muret la Barba, where we had a lovely wine. Saturday we will have dinner here.

we bought a bottle of this lovely wine and took it home.

woensdag 28 mei 2014

Rondje Nederland

Cool coloured pig I bought at one of the stands at the ' Garden party'  

Saturday, 24 May 2014
We started early, driving from our home to Eindhoven, to the 'Garden Party' of Frank, where we met with family. Lots of stands with goodies and things to do. We enjoyed.

Fun and games AND I had my nails painted (first purple, but half way I decided the quality of the nailpolish was so poor that I should go for transparant ^^) 

Peter and Frank in the carousel


Afterwards we drove to Domburg in Zeeland to visit Roos, coz it was her Bday. Roos and Henri rented a cool house and wow Roos (with the help of her sister and a dear friend) prepared her guests a lovely Italian supper.
Great food and drinks; yummie. Sun was shining and spirit was high. We had a lovely time. Thx Roos!

Italian buffet at Roos her Bday

After sooo many kilometers driving home is not an option. Coz it's so busy we found a hotel in Vlissingen. 

Great pics: damn I luvvv the sea

Vlissingen beach after sunset

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A walk along the beach near Vlissingen. Cool to have big boats passing, we are not used to that at the beach we visit in Zuid Holland.

our beach hike as well as our weekend trip is concluded with a nice lunch

dikke kus

zondag 4 mei 2014

Nothing better than Grunn - Schimmelpenninckhuys

Goodies I bought after a few hours shopping, lunch at the News Cafe  

3-4 May 2014: a weekend in Groningen:
Shopping, staying in room number 4 (the bridal room) at the Schimmelpenninckhuys hotel. Drinks in our hotel room and dinner with Wilma, our friend at restaurant 'Houdt van Eten' in De Herenstraat.
Sunday, 4 May: a visit to the Groninger museum, the exhibition 'Natural Beauty' and a lovely walk in National parque Dwingelderveld; culture and nature. Hey what more do you want ^^

Our awesome room at the Schimmelpenninck Huys hotel
Glass of white wine with Wilma in our consumptious room 

dinner with Wilma at Restaurant Houdt van Eten in de Herenstraat

Sunday, 4 May: culture & nature

Fra Angelico

the regular collection of the museum

paintings of De Ploeg, who were inspired by Kirchner

Marilon Manson: I ate my fingers ^^

to keep in balance - Nature: a hike at National parque Dwingelderveld  

dikke kus