dinsdag 31 maart 2015

Paris revisted

27-31 March 2015: a few days in Paris
Train delay due to a major power failure in the North of Holland, hotel La Perle in our favorite street/area (Rue des Canettes/Saint Germain des Pres), Place St Sulpice, dinner with Claude and Catherine, exhibition Giotto to Caravaggio at Jacquemart-Andre, Musee d'Orsay, Jardin de Luxembourg, buying a coat in Le Marais, discovering the passages couverts des Panoramas and Jouffroy, Pantheon, Bobur, and the Marche Montorgeuil.

finally we could enter a train and defrost 

27 March:
Phew what a 'cold start' of this trip to Paris. We had booked the early morning TGV from Rotterdam to Paris, however, after arriving at Rotterdam cs we had to wait for hours at the windy and cold railway station. Reason: due to a major power failure in the North of Holland (Diemen) no trains could arrive/leave Rotterdam; in short total chaos. We were lucky to board the non-cleaned, but warm, TGV that had arrived from Paris early that morning.   

place St Sulpice

yeah we arrived; first drinks

Eglise Saint Sulpice

lighting a candle

historical: just after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo 

near Place St Michel

Place de La Republique

Canal Saint Martin

a french selfie ...

Meeting Claude for dinner at his fav Italian restaurant, which is around the corner of his home. Later in the evening Catherine, Claude's wife joined us

great food

In french restaurants it's good to be a regular guest, or know a person that is a regular/who knows the owner. You are treated more friendly, and wow they even shake hands.

strolling in the streets of Montmartre

'red light pictures' before saying goodbye to our friends and 
thanking them for the nice dinner and evening

the SL gallery owners :-)

28 March:

visiting the exhibition from Giotto to Caravaggio at Musee Jacquemart-Andre

The museum Jacquemart-Andre is situated in a lovely building at the Boulevard Haussmann. We had lunch at the  restaurant of the museum.

the wintergarden & afterwards catching some sunshine in the garden of the museum

Le Marais; place des Vosges

I bought this cool coat in the Marais

29 March:
Musee d'Orsay

l'Origin du Monde



yeah champagne and fois gras in the restaurant of the museum

left photo: drinking Ricard at the cafe on place St Sulpice

couldn't resist the home made dessert of Santa Lucia

Saint Sulpice cathedral by night

30 March:

Jardin du Luxembourg

After a morning lingering in the Jardin du Luxembourg where it felt like spring, we visited the Pantheon, some of the old 'galleries de Paris' and afterwards met with Claude in the Brebant cafe. 

Some of the awesome passages couverts: les passages Jouffroy et des Panoramas still breathing the atmosphere of end 19th century

buying a rabbit

Le Brebant where we met with Claude

Dinner: Italian food and wine at revisted restaurant 'Alfredo Positano'

 31 March (last day in Paris)
Bobur (Centre Pompidou)

Le Marche Montorgeuil, food market near Bobur: a great place to shop for exclusive food, wine, chocolate etc
The top right picture is our last breakfast at le boulanger near our hotel. Yummie pain de chocolat, croissant and coffee.  

And that was it, the end of our Paris trip.  
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