zondag 24 april 2016


Thursday 21 April - Sunday 24 April 2016
Visiting Stockholm, which I never had visited before, Peter did long long ago. 
Stockholm for me is: space, water, fresh air, expensive drinks, trendy restaurants, great shellfish, kind people, good hotel/dito beds, a copious breakfast & great service, very modern and well maintained, arty, water taxi on strike, no vandalism, blossom trees, sunshine/wind and more. 
Let the pictures tell you the story.

old town 

old town

Friday, 22 April: visiting the City Hall, where the Nobel prize dinner is every year

Next stop: the Vasa Museum
Most impressive was the exhibition 'Face to Face' a reconstruction of faces of some of the people on board the ship when it capsized in the harbour of Stockholm in 1628, based on high tech osteological and archaeological research of the skeletons. It was for instance known how poor their diet was; lack of minerals in the bones, etc. Very interesting.

blossom trees, shopping mall and dinner in a posh restaurant

Saturday, 23 April : 
After a superfluous breakfast (offered by the hotel because P.'s couldn't use wifi) we visited the 'Moderna Museet'. We intended to go by water taxi, but unfortunately they were on strike :-(

last evening in Stockholm: a posh dinner with crab, lobster and .... 
a bottle of white wine in a posh restaurant

Sunday, 24 April: on our last day in Stockholm we visited the Fotografiska, the photo museum and explored the neighbourhood. Guess what ... it was snowing and bloody cold.

time flies 

zondag 10 april 2016

Cycling among the flower fields

Voorhout/Lisse, cycling among the flower fields: 10 April 2016.