zondag 23 oktober 2016

Back to Grunn - October 2016

Weekend Saturday, 22 - Sunday 23 October 2016

A weekend in Groningen: a bit of shopping, food/drinks and art; always fun to be in Groningen.

Zwanestraat: arghhh hit me like a ton of bricks ... : my all time fav shop in Groningen is closing, damn.

After shopping: relaxing with a glasss of nice wine at Schimmelpenninckhuys with a view of their terrace.

Dinner @ Eetcafe Schuitendiep, which we visited about a year ago, the quality level is still high and the price relatively low. We had their six courses menu with pairing wines. Very kind and friendly waitress. We loved it.. and hey hey we were sitting near the '(artificial) open fire place :-)'

Description of the menu:
we started with a potatoe/salmon salad with a yolk which was cooked at 65 degrees, surrounded by various vegetables

2nd course was smoked eel moussse on a bed of fresh tuna with a crispy biscuit of roasted peppers 

3rd course was pork belly with hoisin sauce and a lovely bonbon of cauliflower, sooo yummie

4th course was veal cheek (sort of pulled meat) with pumpkin and red onion

le desserts: 
5th course was a mousse of beetroot, a cake with fennel and anise, licorice jelly and ice cream made of buttermilk and beetroot

Oh well the last course (6) was complicated and the waitress was so kind to hand us a note with the ingredients, so read when you can :-)

Walking home and crossing the city we ended up at Cafe de Keyzer, which is near our hotel (the University hotel: very very basic and noisy, we won't return there) where P. had a cognac and I had a Drambui; one for the road 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Some snapshots of the art that impressed me in a way 

couture by Victor & Rolf

Also on display at another floor was: Joost van den Toorn - Something to believe in:

 Walking back to the parking place: autumn is there for sure

Home: we bought this cool arty see through side table at the Groninger museum shop. It fits P.'s beer just fine :-)

zondag 2 oktober 2016

Tom's graduation & Marieke visiting us

First weekend of October: our nephew Tom got his master @ Leiden University. Proud family.

writing his initials among the many others 

drinks afterwards


Marieke, stayed the weekend with us and we enjoyed a lot: great meaningful conversation, shopping at Delft, having a posh dinner there and relaxing.
Some snapshots:

drinks at de Grote Markt in Delft

picture I made to be forwarded to Spanish Mr. D.
mausoleum of King William the Silent at the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft 
a great dinner at restaurant Artusi in Delft: we all had the menu, which was superb.

scallop with cauliflower,  foam of cheese and bacon  

ravioli with peas and truffle 

black angus beef with lentils

almond cookie with tangerine and mousse of tangerine