vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Overview Kyushu trip

Our Kyushu trip on the map. The red arrows indicate where we had overnight stays. The overview beneath mentions all the hotels/resorts.

It was an awesome holiday, we loved it muchly!



woensdag 24 mei 2017

Back to Fukuoka -last day of our holiday - 24 May 2017


Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Today was the last day of our holiday in Japan. We drove back to Fukuoka in the rain, after our last hot bath in the onsen and a lovely breakfast at our resort Spagreennes. 
We took our time and followed the local roads, avoiding the highways, and enjoying the damp countryside. We visited several pottery workshops along the route and finally found 2 lovely bowls to take home with us.  

Lots of traffic jams in big city Fukuoka. Phew, something completely different after the country life. 

visitng a big electronic warehouse

nice ad :-)

Last dinner in Japan: visiting the restaurant where we had a lovely lunch over 2 weeks ago. We didn't regret, coz dinner was super.

sashimi with the dead fish that was stripped, placed on the bowl; 
we are used to it by now

I was intrigued by the plate of our neighbours at the bar, as they were having sashimi of Japanese shrimp: the head and paws still moved and kept moving for minutes although the body had been removed and used for the sashimi. 
Arghhh ... had to make a photo

That's it. Tomorrow at 10.30 hrs local time we will fly to Seoul, Korea and then transfer to KLM and hope to be in Amsterdam in the early evening local time.

It was an awesome journey. We both loved it muchly! Tastes of more by the way, sooo hope to plan our next trip soon.

dikke kus

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

Mount Aso and Onsen region - 23 May 2017

Japanese breakfast this morning at Spagreenness 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017
After a very tasty Japanese breakfast at our resort we drove around the Kuju highlands, where we saw cows grazing in the meadow. Wow, the first cows we spotted in Japan. The black cows that deliver the famous wagyu meat, that by the way, is also very expensive here in Japan. 

But first some impressions of Spagreenness, our lovely home for 2 nights:

our room 
our 'bathroom' with private Onsen
our 'home' with the private Onsen and the garden.

worth making a picture of these carefully cut trees and shrubs


Our target today: take the road up to the volcano ring of Mount Aso, however, when we arrived there we found out that due to increased volcanic activity the road as well as the cable car were closed. Damn.

bottom right: smoke coming from Mount Aso

the soft earth of the hills comes down regularly, judged to the many closed road sections we passed

rice fields everywhere in the vast Caldera of Mount Aso

We visited picturesque Kurokawa-Onsen, a small mountain town that is frequented by many Japanese, and foreigners, to use the various hot springs. The town's lanes are lined by ryokan, public bath houses, attractive shops and cafes, and bridges that lead over the river directly to ryokan entrances.

We had a beer, a snack (sort of small hamburger) of horse meat and an ice cream in one of the shops in the 'main street'.  

 bottom right: rusty pipes used for transport of thermal water

After an extensive 'dip' in our private Onsen, we had the best Japanese dinner of this holiday at Nagayama, the restaurant next door. So refined, loved it.
So here are the mandatory food pics:

left: great beef for the shabu shabu, 
middle: this is how the fish used for the sashimi is presented in restaurants
top right: sashimi on an ice ball
bottom right: small bites as starters

sushi in a different way (red bell pepper, vegetable, beef, corn and ham)
left: bell pepper filled with a shrimp, 
middle wagyu beef, 
right: ginger sorbet and cheesecake as dessert

Tomorrow is our last day in Japan. We will return to Fukuoka, where we will deliver our rental car.
Difficult to grasp that our super holiday that seemed endless, is going to end.

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maandag 22 mei 2017

Tombs, a gorge and a super resort - 22 May 2017

on the road

Monday, 22 May 2017
Leaving the Sheraton hotel after breakfast and on the road again for several hours coz today we have to cover several kilometers to reach our new home for 2 nights; Resort Spagreenness; wow what an awesome resort, love this place with spacious/minimalistic rooms, a terrace, a private onsen (!) and with a view on mount Aso. Superb.

BUT before heading for Spagreenness we visited:
the largest tomb, which we could enter

harvesting at the tea plantation opposite the tombs

another tomb

fortunately didn't see them ... yet

Next stop the Takochiho gorge with the famous waterfall, where you can hire a rowing boat and canoe around for 30 minutes in the gorge (with many others).
This was one of my Kyushu bucket list destinations; a must do. Loved it!

Peter loved it toooo

the gorge with waterfall seen from the view point


waiting in line

mmm not easy to not finger at the other ones ..... (google translate ?)


after our boat trip we had a drink (cold coffee) at the restaurant above the river/gorge, where they apparently also serve 'hormone pork'

 Continuing our journey along rice fields and mount Aso:

After arrival at Spagreenness we of course extensively used our private onsen and afterwards had a super dinner at the onsite restaurant (mandatory food pics)

explaining to our host, who only speaks Japanese

salad, soo posh

fried fish and vegetable soup

sashimi served on an ice ball

Happy here at this temp home.
dikke kus

zondag 21 mei 2017

A Sunday in Japan (Myazaki) - 21 May 2017

the AEON mall we, and many Japanese, visited today

Sunday, 21 May 2017
Probably the last day we are in a big city and have time to shop, so today we visited the AEON mall. 
When we arrived at the parking of the mall, we had trouble finding a free space, we definitely weren't the only ones that decided to shop. 
Some impressions:

soo many books and magazines

fresh strawberry fruit juice

He didn't speak English

hello Kitty selfie

Kids play/game area (most dads loved it too) 

'Printshop': where girls were making funny passport photos

coffee stop at Starbucks


part of the hall of the 43-story Sheraton hotel, looking like a railway station  

these are all real orchids

Tomorrow morning we will leave this huge hotel and head for the volcano Aso area, where our next home for 2 nights will be. 
The end of our Kyushu holiday is approaching and that makes me a bit sad. Don't want it to end.