zaterdag 23 juli 2016


Saturday, 23 July 2016
Our annual visit to the Efteling with Frank.

dikke zoen

NEW in Fairytale Forest: Pinocchio

arghhh the big bad wolf

Carnaval Festival 

Pirana, got soaked up to my knickers 

Concluding the day with dinner at pizzeria Il Tavolino in Oirschot. The photo shows what was left of our enormous pizza's and who finished his plate. 

zaterdag 16 juli 2016

Dinner @ Huize M

amuse and the menu of this evenings dinner

Saturday 16 July we had an awesome glute free and lactose free dinner with our friend Ingrid (this was our Bday gift to her) @ Huiskamerrestaurant Huize M.
Some pictures to give you an idea of all the great food and wine (!) that was served. 

Thanks sooo much Klaus and Corine for all your hard work in preparing this gorgeous dinner for us. It was yummie!

dikke kus

some of the guests and our host Corine

Ingrid inspecting the table

pumpkin dim-sum/langoustines tartare / vanilla oil

the chef showing the rice cannelloni

wolffish / compote of pepper onions / melon

Klaus showing us the J-Wagyu meat 

wow, super Elena Walch Beyond the Clouds white wine from Alto Adige 
rice cannelloni / mango coconut cream / basil 
prepared Wagyu meat

anchou pigeon / apple / cassis - fig sauce
sweet fennel / ginger sorbet / pineapple

home made friandises by Corine

When you are interested in a dinner at Huize M, visit their Facebook page or Google website. They announce the date and the menu of the next dinner planned. You can subscribe by sending them a message.

vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Tasting and BBQ @ La Bordelaise

1 July 2016: BBQ and tasting at La Bordelaise Wijnen, our fav wineshop in Leiden.
Lara and Yvo, the owners of La Bordelaise, organized this BBQ together with Leiden's best butcher Van der Zon. Unfortunately it rained, however, the spirit was good as was the wine and food.
We met our friends Coby and Jose here, who also registered for this event. Great fun.

Lara preparing the food

butchers also like wine 

enormous tomahawk steak

Yvo and Lara with the home made dessert