zondag 1 april 2018

Easter weekend in Maastricht - April 2018

31 March-1 April 2018: spent the Easter weekend with our friends Femke and Gerard in Maastricht. 

lunch time  
how to you eat a burger....

We stayed in a super cool apartment, the 'Star of Maastricht' at the border of the river in the middle of town. We loved it. 

31 March-1 April 2018: spent the Easter weekend with our friends Femke and Gerard in a super cool apartment 'Star of Maastricht' at the border of the river in the middle of town. 

presents for ourselves: earring and watch

Gerardus beer at the bar opposite our appartment

and aperol

In the evening we had booked a table for 4 at Restaurant Rozemarijn: lovely 5 course 'Inspiration' menu.

amuse inspired on Zeeland, the chef's home 

more amuse

cheese for the guys

sweets for the ladies

Maastricht by nite

great winebar Via Mucca, which we discovered last year when we stayed in Maastricht

Sunday, 1st of April Easter Sunday: 

 starting with a sumptious breakfast

walking the authentic streets of Maastricht

a few drops of rain

Visiting the 'Ted Noten' exhibition at the Museum aan het Vrijthof.

Next stop: the Student hotel, which is situated in the former Sphinx factory. In the 'hall of fame', situated next to the Student hotel, there is an enormous wall of tiles, which presents the history of the factory. Very  interesting.

boerenbont :-)

Aan de overkant van het Student hotel bevindt zich een industrieel gebied (soort Strijp S) waar ongetwijfeld over een tijdje hele trendy gebouwen/activiteiten komen. 
Wij bezochten in Bureau Europa de tentoonstelling Die Unvollendete 

'De overkapping van de Maas, het van den Ende Theater bij het Bassin of de Calatrava Campus in Randwyck. Stuk voor stuk ambitieuze projecten die uiteindelijk nooit zijn uitgevoerd. Ergens tussen idee en werkelijkheid sneuvelden ze. Bureau Europa brengt met de tentoonstelling ‘Die Unvollendete’ een eerbetoon aan niet-gerealiseerde projecten. 
Een reis door een Maastricht dat had kunnen zijn, maar nooit is geworden'.

zondag 3 september 2017

2017 Wedding day celebration - Parc Broekhuizen

our home for 2 nights; Parc Broekhuizen

Friday 1- Sunday 3 September 2017
This year we celebrated our belated 18th Wedding day anniversary in Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum. Of course we also cycled the area and had a great 'wedding day dinner' 

Friday we cycled around Leersum

lots of fruit 

castle ruin Wijk bij Duurstede


pizza's at restaurant Il Sogno
at our home for 2 nites

the carpet

Saturday, 2nd September: visiting the city of Utrecht by train

view from the terrace of our hotel

terrace of our hotel, unfortunately it was a bit too windy/cold to have breakfast outside

the pond in front of the hotel

Dom church in Utrecht


new shoes for Peter

end a day in Utrecht with a beer

After arrival at our hotel, a drink at the terrace with view on the pond: superb

we explored the hotel  

awesome lamp

 Tatatata; our wedding dinner at the hotel: the menu
I included all the pictures of the food and of the many wines that accompanied our dinner. Sometimes Peter and I had different wines.


hey new shoes


view on the terrace outside

I luvv this lamp

Sunday, 3 September: cycling 62 km around Barneveld

'eggs from the wall' 

yeah 'vrije uitloop' chicken

phew break

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