zondag 27 maart 2016

Easter weekend in Grunn: Piloersemaborg

Piloersemaborg, a monumental place in Groningen

25-27 March 2016: Spending the easter weekend in Groningen at Bed and Breakfast Piloersemaborg
Shopping in Groningen, enjoying great food and drinks at the Piloersemaborg in Den Ham and a wonderful cycling trip through the countryside.

after our shoppings looking over the very busy Grote Markt in Groningen.

  Many Germans visiting the Groningen Easter market: lots of plants and flowers for sale. We didn't know, phew soooo busy


the tea house of the Piloersemaborg: a bit cold in this part of the year

 At the Piloersemaborg we had our first  dinner:

Saturday, 26 March 2016

breakfast at our B&B: all regional and home made

After breakfast we cycled the North West region of Groningen. Although there was a lot of wind, we also had some sunshine AND a great scenery.

the 700 years old Franssum church 

another 'Borg'; the Allersma borg

early lambs
our 6 course dinner with surprising ingredients and great wines.

Oyster - appetizer

loved this salad

a yummie fish soup

the meringue of mushrooms was super cool

We liked the green apples sorbet, but the blue cheese creme brulee should have been more pronounced and strong in our view.

the Chef

carrot ice cream: yummie