maandag 29 juli 2013

Canada 22 - Granville (an almost lost creditcard)

Bridges on Granville island where we had invited Joanna & Allen for dinner

breakfast at Starbucks

Vancouver downtown revisited

sailing to Granville

the food market where you can get it all; fruit, veggies, meat, fish, you name it it's there and moreover all is fresh and a lot is organic

I stumbled upon this 'dresser' in a gallery. Wow this is an item I truly love! 

dancing the tango: had to think of our friends Huibertie & Wouter ^^

cute wedding pic

the hat shop where Peter bought me an awesome sort of hat ^^

lounging at the Granville hotel

Hilarious moment: when Peter wanted to pay with creditcard the waiter flipped it by accident between the floarboards of the deck... arghhh. 
But their maintenance guy fixed it and in the evening after our dinner at Bridges we fetched it. Super!

meeting 3 weeks later again with Joanna & Allen

zondag 28 juli 2013

Canada 21: on the road back to Vancouver

On the road

the Fraser river

the toll bridge into Vancouver

this evening we had a super Japanese dinner

zaterdag 27 juli 2013

Canada trip 20: A day at the waterfront with Stormy (Lake Country BC)

Peter and Stormy at our deck

our private appartment WITH deck AND moreover view on the lake at B&B Gable Beach at Lake Country

Sitting at the deck and watching what's going on: many boats get launched in the lake, never a dull moment 

the dock of our neighbours mmm they must be wealthy ^^

the super healthy breakfast we made

shade and leisure at the end of the day/swim

Eileen and Gary, the owners of Gable Beach the B&B we are staying atm, invited us over for drinks this evening. We enjoyed muchly,  lovely chat and great people they are!

Their dog Stormy is really cute, he dives and picks up stones from the bottom of the lake. He can swim all day in the lake Gary told us. Everybody knows Stormy he is famous around here :-) 

Arghhh our Canada trip it's coming to an end real soon now. 
Tomorrow we will leave for Vancouver, sleep there for 2 nights and then fly back home. Grrr, don't wanna leave coz I love this country muchly: the space, the fresh air, the easy way of living, the kind and approachable people. Love it!

Looking forward to meet up with Joanna and Allen again on Sunday for dinner in Vancouver. So much to tell/talk about after > 3 wks of touring BC.

dikke kus

vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Canada 19: Wine tasting and our appartment at the lake

arghh Peter all dressed up and posing with Bruce the owner of Rustico winery 

An impression of our stay at B&B 'The Spare Room' at Osoyoos. Great view, lovely, caring hosts (Ed and Yvonne), the gorgeous view from our room and the scrumptious breakfast.

moi in full concentration working on a blog post in our room at The Spare Room

a stone throw away from the B&B, the US border

Vineyards and wine tasting 

at Rustico winery tasting, the lady on the left is 91 yrs old (!) and on holiday!

tasting at Silver Sage winery where we bought a bottle of curious wine of the owner; i.e. the lady on the photo ^^

arghhh 39 degrees today

Wow we have a house of our own for 2 nights WITH access and a gorgeous view on the lake; we love it!
More info about this super B&B tomorrow ^^

dikke kus