zondag 19 januari 2014

Brummen; staying at a former Post Office and more

statue 'Thonis Drogenap' at Zutphen
(alpha layers :-)

Last Saturday, 18 January we visited the 'East of The Netherlands' to stay at Hotel 'Het Oude Postkantoor' a former post office and have dinner at Restaurant 'Tante Blanche' both situated in Brummen. Although the initial reason that brought us there was the exhibition of Carli Hermes in the CODA museum in Apeldoorn. We did all and more.

We started Saturday with an extensive visit to Zutphen, a lovely former 'Hanze city'. We walked around the older part of town, which we apparently had skipped on former visits, shopped and visited the Henriette Polak museum, which is situated in an intriguing old building with a hidden chapel in the middle of town. Worth a visit for sure, we liked the temporary exhibition of Norbert Olthuis and the hidden chapel. 

Oude IJsselbrug at Zutphen

Library situated in a former church

paintings of Norbert Olthuis, reminded us of 'Die Brucke' 

When arriving at our hotel we were cordially received by our host. Hotel 'Het Oude Postkantoor' has 6 rooms and has the same 'touch and feeling' as a bed and breakfast; i.e. more personal attention. We loved the atmosphere, the room, the breakfast AND the fact that we could walk to and from Restaurant 'Tante Blanche' where we had a superb 6 course dinner with selected wines. We specifically asked for small portions and they delivered: great atmosphere and lovely food & wines! (see pictures). We will return to Brummen for sure coz these are places to remember!

hotel 'Het Oude Postkantoor', Brummen

Restaurant 'Tante Blanche' in Brummen

Sunday, 19 January

We went for a walk in the countryside; meadows, small villages, the river IJssel, mills and farmhouses. Our host at the hotel advised us to take the ferry and walk to and around Bronkhorst - the smallest 'town' of The Netherlands (stumble 4x and you are at the other end of town :-)
We were lucky; no rain but great typical Dutch skies and some sunshine as well, and a fierce cold wind especially near the river.
After drinking a tea at the local tavern we drove to Apeldoorn where we visited the CODA museum (see pics)
It was a lovely weekend!

dikke kus

the ferry to Bronkhorst

Work of photographer Carli Hermes, exhibited at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn. Superb exhibit!