zondag 14 september 2014

Dresden: P's Bday trip - September 2014

Dresden: view from our appartment (Aparthotel An der Frauenkirche)

Celebrating P.'s Bday in Dresden. A lovely city, nicely restored after the war. The only negative thing was the weather coz during the days we spent there it didn't really stop raining. 

Dresden is a very German town and in some places there's still an atmosphere of the former communist East Germany. I sensed this especially in the Albertinum, the brand new museum of modern art, where it was forbidden to make pictures, but even worse were the employees who were rude and acting like gestapo, very annoying.
In general, however, people were very kind and helpful. 

celebrating our trip at Schiphol Airport ^-^

our appartment & view from our living room on the church 
(die Frauenkirche) and Neumarkt

am Neumarkt  

visiting the art museum in Die Zwinger, a palace of the former Dresden court.

Fuerstenzug: painted on the wall of the former palace a parade of the kings of the Wettin dynasty.

performing artist and his dog..., who both managed to stand still for hours 

die Ampelfrau

great Thai food

We visited the ballet performance 'Bella Figura' in the Semperoper, we loved it. Great atmosphere, very stylish. Soo different than in Holland; far more posh and grandeur. Sipping champagne under chandeliers. Super.

Every German town has a Biergarten .....

however, we prefer champagne with oysters ^-^

the bridge over the river Elbe

at the cafe in front of our appartment, overlooking the Neumarkt square

a visit to Yenidze a former tabaco factory

P's Bday dinner in a posh restaurant