maandag 21 december 2015

Edingburgh - Bday visit 17-21 December 2015

breakfast at the bar of our hotel; the Rutland 

Thursday evening 17th December up to and including Monday 21st December 2015: Carina's Bday trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

I had the lightest breakfast on the menu

Friday, 18th December:
Exploring the city

St. John's Episcopal church, opposite the hotel, where ladies sold Xmas cards for various charities. Of course I bought some packages.

Walking 'the Royal Mile'  to the castle of Edinburgh

shops in Victoria street

Victoria street

outside and inside the castle 

many whisky's, but even more expensive than at home

tea in a former church
Bday dinner at Martin Wishart, a one star restaurant: it was all super super yummie. We took 1 fish and 1 meat 7 course dinner and switched plates each time half way the course.

wow great cheeses too

Saturday, 19th December

it's Xmas time

up the Calton hill with great views 

it's dark early in December @ the Grass market

one for the road

the beggar who lived in front of the bar of our hotel


Sunday, 20th December
An arty day: visiting the Scottish National gallery of Modern art: lots of great works and a special exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein's work.

Roy Lichtenstein art
 posh us; drinks at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, which is located opposite our hotel, The Rutland


Monday, 21st December:
More art at the National Galleries of Scotland before flying home.

zondag 13 december 2015

A cultural day in Delft

13 December 2015 we visited, together with our friends Roos and Henri the exhibition of 'Nul initiator' Jan Schoonhoven, who was affiliated to Henri's aunt, at Museum Prinsenhof in Delft.
Afterwards we had a lovely dinner at Ristorante Pizzeria La Famiglia.  

work of Jan Schoonhoven

naughty Jan with a Japanese artist

pictures of Truus Nienhuis, Henri's aunt

at the museum shop

where Roos bought me an early Bday present

this lovely necklace in red

our friends Henri and Roos


woensdag 23 september 2015

Mallorca - Son Fam Nou revisited

Sunday September 13- Wednesday 23 2015: super relaxing holiday in 'our' house in Mallorca, Son Fam Nou

feels soo good to be back

Tradionally we had our first night dinner out at the restaurant in the harbor at Porto Cristo: mussels and paella accompanied by a bottle of wine.

the harbor of Porto Cristo & enjoying our house by nite

12 hrs midnite: it's Peter's Bday and the bedroom is decorated, hugs and kisses Next day Peter's Bday dive in our private swimming pool

Monday, 14 September 
Enjoying the house: lunch with salad, drinks as well as dinner with lagoustines on the BBQ

Wednesday, 16 September
A day of exploring the North East coast: Peninsula de Formentor

Phew, the scenic coastal road was sooooo busy it was one big traffic jam. When we saw the cue to the view point we decided to turn around.

Great views on the rough coast

I seldom publish photos of me, but these images Peter made are so cool. Therefore here's an overdose of me ...  

another coastal photo

Yeah a selfie :-)

Peter climbing an abandoned watch tower on the Peninsula

visiting the village of Alcudia where Peter bought me a present: 
the gorgeous silver earrings

our first visit to restaurant 'Es Torrent de Son Carrio' wow what an awesome dinner we had: surprising dishes and great price/quality ratio

Friday, 18 September 2015
We cycled the ex railway track from Son Carrio to Arta. 

Graveyard we passed. Arta: view on the castle and drinks at a pub in Arta

Dinner at Italian restaurant Peperoncino in San Severa. We had discovered this restaurant 2 years ago when cycling the area. It is still there and we enjoyed the meal muchly: very nice Italian food and wine  The wine was called 'Bicicletas y Pescas' very appropriate after a day of cycling. 

hooked on my iphone

Sunday, 20 September 

View from the Castle of Capdepera

chapel of the castle of Capdepera

Tuesday, 22 September

Peter went exploring the Cala Varques

Last evening in Mallorca: our second visit to restaurant Es Torrent de Son Carrio. They change menu every Tuesday, so a new menu. Super food! 

Wednesday, 23 September: leaving our home :-(
last lunch in the rain, we picked the right day to leave

Our host Guillem with our gift; a bottle of Matarromera

On 28 September we received a Whatsapp with this image of Guillem and his GF drinking the Matarromera

we replied Guillem with this picture of the olive oil he gave us coming from his private olive grove, which we took home with us. 

It was a super relaxing holiday. Enjoyed it muchly.
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