dinsdag 31 mei 2016

North Italy holiday: Trieste 28-31 May 2016

aperol with a view (from the castello di San Gusto)

Saturday 28 up to and including Tuesday 31 May we stayed in a lovely apartment (Il Borgo Residence) at the Piazza Cornelia Romana, which is in the middle of town. The apartment was spacious, nicely decorated and on the first floor. We were lucky to find a just-fitting parking place at the piazza. Time to relax.

piazza Cornelia Romana

the salumeria around the corner where we bought cheese and S.Daniele ham

enjoying drinks with a view on the sea at the Piazza Unita Italia, 
THE square of Trieste, after arrival

Piazza Unita Italia

Sunday, 29 May
We climbed up through narrow streets to visit the San Giusto Castle and Church, which were very interesting and gave a good insight in the history and different rulers of Trieste. 
When we finished our tour we had to wait for the heavy rain to stop. However, after an hour the sun started shining again.  
In the evening we had a nice dinner which started outside but we had to rush inside due to heavy rain and thunder; buckets of water coming down from the sky and flooding our terrace.

breakfast 'at home' 

We started with San Giusto church:

many old fresco's

capilla de tresori 

Then the castle/borgo:

in the castle reminents of Roman time, amond them great mosaics

great view on Trieste from the castle, while enjoying drinks

selfies on the stairs of the castle

the old arena

heavy rain

Monday, 30 May  
Clouds in the morning, sun from 3 pm on.
Shopping, relaxing and exploring in Trieste. Tips for restaurants/typical food from Mauro.
Prepared our own meal with ingredients we bought that day: great meat at the local butcher, rucola, pasta with fresh pesto accompanied by a good red wine.  

the harbour

canal grande

tip from Mauro: typical Trieste food at Da Pepi

home made dinner at our appartment

Tuesday, 31 May
Exploring the surroundings of Trieste by car: 
first stop the lovely village of Muggia and then searching for 2 wineries we selected, because according to the Tourist office in Trieste they were open for visits.
However, we couldn't find both. Maybe they were old barns no idea. Both were near the border of Slovenia. So, we did have a nice winding drive through the small roads of the Karst mountain area. 
In the evening we visited one of the restaurants Mauro had advised: Da Angelina. Indeed great food and service in this small, very popular restaurant.


vineyards and a stop at the seaside in Slovenia   

dinner at Da Angelina

Time flies when you're having fun and our days in Trieste end here.
Tomorrow we will go to Friuli, one of the wine areas on our list.

to be continued

zaterdag 28 mei 2016

North Italy holiday 2016: Munich stopover 26-27 May

Matisse (Pinakothek der Moderne)

Yeah, almost 3.5 weeks holiday started to explore the (wines of) North of Italy. 
We drove on Thursday 26 May to Munich where we stayed at Leonardo Boutique Hotel, which was not a super hotel, but located ideally for our main goal: a (re)visit to the Alte Pinakothek & the Pinakothek der Moderne.
Furthermore, we of course revisited the city centre, drank beer, shopped, etc 

On our first evening we had a great grilled steak around the corner of our hotel with spinach, salad, french fries and large beers. 

breakfast at the bakery opposite our hotel

Friday, 27 May: visit to the musea 
Large parts of the Alte Pinakothek were being renovated, however, the most important works were exhibited as this famous portrait of Durer. 

It was great weather and very warm: we enjoyed some sunshine before visiting the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Heckel (die Brucke)

Afterwards we walked into the centre of Munich and in the evening had a great Japanese dinner. 

Diana temple in Hofgarten am Odeonsplatz (P. listening to live music)

Saturday, 28 May 
Travelling through Austria and Italy to Trieste

mountains and snow

and another car

to be continued

zaterdag 7 mei 2016

Visiting Zwolle: art, good wine/food and cycling near the river IJssel

6-7 May 2016: weekend Zwolle
Visiting the exhibition 'De Wilden' at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, enjoying the sunshine on the terrace of Het Wijnhuis (super place serving a lot of interesting wines and food, definitely a FAV), having a great dinner at restaurant Os en Peper and the next day cycling along the river IJssel. 

Enjoying good wines at Het Wijnhuis (the flyer was about SudTirol i.e. Alto Adige wines, an area we indeed visited during our North Italy trip in May-June)

lovely dinner at restaurant Os en Peper

one for the road, revisiting Het Wijnhuis for coffee + after our dinner


 7 May 2016: cycling tour near the river IJssel

Hattem, a lovely place

refreshment at Veessen