maandag 17 april 2017

Easter weekend 2017: Os en Paard

Thursday, 13  April up to and including Easter Sunday, 16 April 2017: 

Easter weekend in de Betuwe, staying at 'Gasterij Os en Paard', a lovely small hotel (4 rooms) at the river Linge. Great hosts who made us feel at home and relaxed. We truly enjoyed it.

Thursday drinks and bites at 'the neighbours' 

Friday, 14 April:
Although cold and clouded we went cycling the area. Stopped after 10 minutes to visit a mill, great tour/explanation. 

fruit trees, the river Linge, lambs and a 'kroket' with tea to get warm

the leaning tower of Acquoy (a Mrs Pisa is burried here)

walking in Marienwaerdt

dinner at Os en Paard

one for the road :-)

Saturday, 15 April
another bike tour with a bit more sunshine, but also more wind
first visiting Culemborg and drinking tea at Carola's home 

next stop the lovely small town of Buren

we made it

dinner at Italian restaurant Jammo Ja at Beesd. SUPER! 
Recommend this. Great food, service and atmosphere.

Easter Sunday 16 April: 

Easter breakfast at Os en Paard. We are feeling at home here, but unfortunately have to leave. Thanks Wouter en Anneliek!

Next stop: Breda, where our friends Femke and Gerard invited us to go cycling. They showed us their city, among other things the new railway station AND afterwards a lovely lunch at Brasserie De Baronie.

It was a lovely looong weekend, AND still not finished as we have another day to linger at home.

dikke kus

zondag 2 april 2017

Weekend Nijmegen

 1-2 April 2017:
Visiting friends in Nijmegen. Pradeepika prepared us a great Sri Lankan meal. Loved it. Olaf served Peter various whiskeys. It was a lovely evening.

Stevens Church in Nijmegen

Sunday, 2 April: a walk in the Ooijpolder