vrijdag 3 augustus 2018

Brittany 2018 - DAY 08 - in leisure mode

our extensive lunch today

Thursday, 2 August 2018: another day of leisure at the beach.
This is our last day here at Locquirec as we have to move tomorrow. We tried to extend our stay here at the Hotel du Port, but nope all is sold out.
Sooo we will be moving on tomorrow to another place not so far away from here.
First our plan was to return to Normandy, or move on to the Carnac area in Brittany, however, with temperatures rising to above 30 degrees Celcius everywhere, and/or no decent places to stay to be found in these areas coz after all it's holiday time, we decided to stay in this area in Brittany as it seems to be the only place in Europe where it's cooler. We are getting used to hanging around the French way (that's what all the French tourists here do), sipping coffee/wine, reading, swimming, having and extensive lunch; in short we are in 'holiday mode'

yeah oysters

yummie strawberries from this region

this evening's galette

an evening stroll around the harbour, catching the last rays of sunshine

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